Monday, April 23, 2012

The UFO so old it needs anti-aging serum

Oh my God. They're here.

Last week, my mom sent me the granny squares she made 36 years ago while pregnant with me. She made them and didn't know how to join them, so she stuck them in her closet and there they remained until now. She's been talking about sending them to me since I started crocheting a couple years ago, and now they're finally here.

Along with the squares, Mom also kindly included some anti-aging serum for me that she knows I like but that I can't really afford. I laughed SO hard when I saw it in there with the squares. That illustrates just how long this UFO has been lying around... the baby mom was pregnant with while making the squares is now old enough to need anti-aging serum!

I think I have just the right yarn to use for joining them and I've chosen a joining technique. I think this UFO has spent quite enough time unfinished, and after traveling across the country from Ohio to Seattle, I don't want to make it wait any longer to become a useful, finished object. Sometime this week, these lovely squares will realize their purpose and become a finished afghan!

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