Sunday, April 1, 2012

Salvaged onesies

Last night while watching the season premiere of Mad Men (finally!), I sewed the front of the Trashed Onesie Quilt together.

Eeeeeee! I love it. In this pic, it has not been pressed, nor have the seam allowances been trimmed, so it looks a little wonky, but I love it. I think the finished product will be awesome. For the back, I have some pink, knit T-shirt type fabric that will be perfect. I hope to get the batting for it this week.

It's going to make a fun, cheerful, soft quilt for my daughters, with lots of bright colors and fun stuff to look at. The fact that it's made from sections of fabric that I rescued from onesies, T-shirts and pajamas that they had stained beyond all repair makes it special. The fabric and appliqu├ęs get used again instead of ending up in a landfill, and the memories of my girls wearing (and destroying) these clothes as babies are preserved in the form of a quilt. I'm so happy with it, I cut up some more old, stained baby clothes last night to rescue some more cute fabric:

Speaking of salvaging great stuff that deserves a second life, I've watched four more episodes of my new favorite show, The Bronson Pinchot Project. The way he takes materials salvaged from old structures and puts them together to create something beautiful and new is so inspiring! It's not just wood and bricks that he salvages, either, he also finds old fabric to repurpose, too. On one episode, he found a piece of 200 year old mattress ticking from France that had been hand darned by someone. He actually valued the fact that it had been darned, and had the fabric made into a beautiful, charming window treatment, prominently displaying the darning:

How gorgeous is that? And how awesome is it to see someone VALUE darning? Here I thought that sort of thing was only important to us sock knitters. :-)

Aside from being inspiring and interesting, it's also a really funny show, largely thanks to Bronson's propensity for spontaneous song and dance. My favorite song thus far has been the "paint-grade pre-primed pine" song. One day I'm going to see that in a home improvement store and start laughing uncontrollably, and it's going to take me 10 minutes to explain to anyone else why it's so funny.

I've gotten a lot of crocheting done while watching all this TV. Here's the afghan I'm making my 4-year-old, almost done:

There are two more episodes of the first season of The Bronson Pinchot Project left, and I hope to catch them this week during my much-needed "Mommy's Sanity Breaks." I can't wait to see what he does next. What he's doing with salvaged architectural materials reminds me a lot of what my favorite visual artist Nick Cave does with beautiful afghans and sweaters that he finds in thrift stores. They both take beautiful, cast-off objects and assemble them, turning them into something new and beautiful. What a refreshing way to escape all the stamped-out, mass-produced, disposable, personality-lacking crap that we're inundated with today.

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