Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fiber art therapy

This month, thanks to a very welcome abundance of work at my part-time job and my need for a new computer, I have been busting my ass. Working really hard. On top of that, my two-year-old has really been being a two-year-old lately and has been doing everything she's not supposed to. She's been making spectacular messes, accidentally and on purpose, she's been obsessed with climbing to dangerous heights anywhere and everywhere she can and she's also been enjoying taking her diaper off every time I turn around (hence some of the aforementioned messes). All this has meant that I've had less time to knit, crochet and sew, but I've been scratching out a few minutes here and there to provide myself with some much needed fiber art therapy.

I am having SO much fun with my Charlotte's Web shawl. It's about halfway done and already I'm thinking of making another. What a wonderful pattern and a wonderful way to play with color and experience Koigu's dye and color genius. The Landras are my heroines.

I've also been working on my Mother's Day gift for my mom. It's crochet, Misti Alpaca Lace and some lovely pink seed beads. It's the first time I've mixed beading and yarn, and I am hooked. Passionately, addictedly hooked.

This project is a secret since it's a gift, so all you can really see here is a diaphanous, soft, sparkly pink wad. I'll post a pic once it's in Mom's hands.

I have chosen what will be my second serious lace project. It will be Evelyn Clark's (a Seattle-area designer, I believe) Shetland Triangle Shawl. I'm going to use yarn that's been in my stash for years, Louet Gems Sportweight.

It's been in my stash for years because I don't love the color. I love pink, unapologetically, unabashedly LOVE pink... but not this pink. It's too peachy/orangey. So I fixed that yesterday and overdyed it with some pink Jacquard acid dye. I heated the yarn in a pot, then mixed a tablespoon of dye with some water and vinegar and poured it onto the yarn, followed by a big "glug" of vinegar.

NOW I'm into this yarn. That's what I'm talking about. I wanted something akin to Tina Newton's wonderful "shaded solids," and I got it.

I haven't done any sewing, unfortunately, though I might get to remedy that tonight. I have the batting for my Trashed Onesie Quilt and I also have to replace a zipper in my 4-year-old's favorite hoodie, so that provides me with a good excuse to get out the sewing machine.

I also just saw that the preview for Vogue Knitting's Crochet Special Collector's Issue is up and holy, holy, holy crap. I have a feeling that soon my Ravelry queue will exceed my life expectancy.

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