Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Little-Known Aspect of Second Mitten Syndrome

There's a little-known aspect of Second Mitten Syndrome, which I have unfortunately suffered.

Your gauge can change drastically in a year.


The mitten on the right was the second-ever stranded colorwork project that I undertook. I got it 90% done, then let it sit for almost a year, while I worked on other projects. I recently got a bug up my butt to finish all of my UFOs, and this is the first UFO that I've gotten cleared out.

When I am learning something new, I get a bit stressed and tighten up while I try to get everything right. That explains the right mitten. Now that I've done 6 or 7 other projects using stranded colorwork, apparently my gauge has relaxed, which explains the left mitten. Ah, well. At least they're for me, and I still love them.

This project has me addicted to knitting mittens, and now everyone will be getting stranded colorwork mittens for the holidays this year! All except my sister, that is, who got mittens last year and will therefore be getting something different this year. She reads this blog. Hi, sister!

I recently got this amazing book out of the library for the second time, and I'm totally obsessed with it, particularly mitten #20 and also mitten #18. You can find all the patterns from this book on Ravelry.

I seriously can't stop staring at this book. I'm daydreaming of making sweaters using some of the border patterns. It's totally inspiring and wonderful!

While I wait to buy the yarn for my holiday mitten projects, I am working on a scarf/necklet thingy for a friend (great story there, that will be an upcoming blog post), a toddler blanket ( another pesky UFO) and the second project for my Frida Kahlo series. Lots of fun fiber arts! And this weekend I get to visit an alpaca farm. Life is good!

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