Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Organically grown

I love it when I organically stumble across great things. It seems like I always stumble across the exact book that I need, right when I need it.

You know I've been kind of obsessed with lace lately. The second Jimmy Beans Wool catalog landed in my mailbox a couple weeks ago, and on the cover of it is the beautiful Cold Mountain pattern from Knitty. I immediately wanted to knit it, so I looked it up and in the first paragraph of the pattern description, the designer talks about how much Donna Druchunas' wonderful book Arctic Lace inspired him and helped him to design lace patterns of his own.

I got Arctic Lace out of the library and not only does it detail the history of the amazingly cool Oomingmak Musk-Ox Producers' Cooperative, it has lots of wonderful, Alaskan Native-inspired lace patterns to knit, tips on making lace-knitting easier and at the end, a section on how to design your own lace patterns!

I recently submitted a pattern to a magazine that contains a lace pattern from a stitch dictionary. For one of my next designs, I need to design my own lace pattern and lo and behold, Arctic Lace magically comes my way, giving me the knowledge I need to do it. It's so fun when this happens, when you want to do something new and the universe provides a way.

Alas, no pics today, I've been working on a sock and a top-secret project for my husband's birthday. After that, I need to make two father's day gifts and then another birthday gift for someone who might be reading this at the end of the month. June has so many birthdays and holidays, it's the December of summer! Hopefully I'll have some pics ready the next time I post in a few days!

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