Friday, May 27, 2011

Provisionally ready

Know how much I have done of the Rose Lace Stole? This much:

That's it. A provisional cast-on in mercerized cotton. I didn't even do the provisional cast-on called for in the pattern. I did a crochet chain provisional cast-on, because the one called for in the pattern boggled my mind, and I was afraid of screwing it up and then not being able to take it out after I'd knit hour upon hour of lace in laceweight merino. I see no reason why this crochet chain provisional cast-on shouldn't work, but I will of course let you know if it ends up biting me in the ass.

This Saturday night will be dedicated solely to knitting the Rose Lace Stole. Saturday night is when I focus on my me-knitting. Quite a rockin' way to spend a Saturday night, I know. I'm so cool.

I also hope to spin tomorrow night. I wanted to last weekend, but those plans, like my Rose Lace Stole, were derailed by two sick kids. Said kids are now all better, so hopefully mommy will get some me-knitting time this weekend!

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