Monday, May 9, 2011


The Prism Pullover is done and blocking!

It was loads of fun to knit. I was looking for something different, for a bit of a challenge, and I got it. I love the result.

One thing this sweater reminded me of, though, is how much I hate seaming. I knew there'd be six pieces to seam when I initially saw the pattern and decided I had to knit it. What I didn't remember was how much seaming sucks.

I spent two and a half hours seaming it on Saturday, while my 17-month-old napped and my husband watched my 3-year-old. The seams are fairly short in this sweater, due to the unusual shape of the pieces, so the first half went fairly fast and wasn't too painful. The second half, though, I got kind of bored and hurried a bit on one of the seams and got it all finished only to realize that I hadn't lined the pieces up correctly and had to rip it out and start over.

I also did the ribbing twice on one of the sleeves. I went against my own rule of ignoring the number of stitches that the pattern says to pick up and instead picking up whatever looks and feels right. I picked up the number of stitches that the pattern says to and the sleeve opening was too narrow and I could hardly get my arm through it. So, I ripped it out and redid it. Saturday night I finished the armbands and yesterday evening I finished the neckband.

You'll notice the sleeve on the right side of the picture is off a bit, slightly misaligned. I noticed this when laying it out to block this morning. Am I going to rip it out and redo the seam? Hell no, I'm not. You won't be able to tell it's off when I'm wearing it. The front of the sweater will be distorted by my ample chest, so I figure if anyone does notice that the one half is off a bit, they were staring too hard where they shouldn't have been anyway.

Before I start the Rose Lace Stole, I'm making a little log cabin blanket for my daughters, which I have had in my head forever and the yarn for which I've had for over two years. It's Lion Brand Nature's Choice Organic Cotton. Nice and soft, but it definitely doesn't compare to Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted Cotton... I don't like the sewing thread-like binder, and if the binder breaks, the yarn pulls apart as if it were made of cotton balls. Nonetheless, it will make a nice blanket, which is a lot of fun to knit because I'm improvising it as I go along.

I have dreams of one day doing a crazy-luxe Koigu KPPPM log cabin blanket for my king-size bed. That will have to wait for a day when I have considerably more disposable cash!

In designing news, I have yet to hear about the two knitting designs that I submitted to two knitting magazines a couple months ago, so they're at least being considered. While I wait, I'm designing another, a headband/earwarmer for winter. Yes, summer hasn't even arrived and already I'm thinking of next winter. I am a knitter, after all, and I live in the Seattle area, where this cold, gray spring makes it seem like winter has yet to end!

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