Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A lost week, and I love surprises!

Both my kids were sick all of last week and the weekend that preceded and followed it. That royally sucked. It was so intense, I forgot what the hell I was doing before they got sick! Yesterday I remembered. I was going to post the Banana Leaf Shawl to Ravelry! I hope to put it up there today.

I was delighted to see Knitty's "Surprises" for the Spring + Summer 2011 issue come up today. Two of my favorite designers are featured! Wendy Bernard has an adorable felted ukulele cover (yep!) and Ann Weaver has an amazing, gorgeous cardigan called She's Electric, knitted in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted. It's so beautiful, and I love the waistband. I also love her color choices. It's rare that I knit a pattern in both the yarn and color shown in the sample, but this is one case where I probably will. I just love it.

Ann Weaver is awesome. I love her designs and her style. Why have her two most recent designs in Knitty been "Surprises," which don't get published until it's nearly time for the next issue to come out? Why aren't they headliners or cover patterns that we get as soon as the new issue of Knitty is published? The gorgeous "Oranje" was a "Surprise," too. I hope her next stroke of genius is published in the first batch of patterns and we don't have to wait till the "Surprises" come to see it and knit it.

And now, to self-publish my most recently-rejected pattern. I'm still waiting to hear on one design and I'm going to submit one of my rejected designs to a different publisher, in hopes of resurrecting it. I will of course blog all about it, as always!

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