Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Let the lace begin!

Or rather, let the lace continue. I went stash-diving today and brought up from the depths this beautiful ball of Lanas Puras Melosa Laceweight in Desert Bloom.

Sooo lovely, and absolutely perfect for the Rose Lace Stole, which I'm going to swatch for today!

This one will take me a while, which is fine. I'll be working on other projects while working on it, mostly my own designs. I just finished and blocked another design and even got some photos taken of it. I'll be sending it off this Saturday. Very exciting! It's a lacy alpaca headband/earwarmer for a magazine's fall issue. I hope it gets accepted!

I also need to get back to my poor March socks, which are now April May socks. Pathetic. I think once I finish this pair, which is knitted in self-striping yarn that is boring the hell out of me, I'll get back on track with my sadly lapsed Self-Imposed Sock of the Month Club. I'm going to stick to hand-dyed yarn for the next several pairs. Hand-dyed yarn holds my attention like nothing else. "Oooo, what is it going to do next??"

The latest Knit Picks catalog arrived today, and yummmmmmmm. It actually inspired a few new designs, which I jotted into my sketchbook and there are also a couple patterns in it that are going into my Ravelry queue. You know how much I love striping color-transitioning yarn... so imagine my delight when I saw this beauty. The Shift Tote:

Chroma is a delight to knit with. Super-soft and the color transitions are to die for!

Also from the catalog are these totally adorable slippers:

Beautiful and perfect to keep the chill off your toes when your husband cranks up the air conditioning this summer! Now, back to sketching and swatching while both kids are still napping.

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