Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Interweave Knits Summer 2011 - A much-needed taste of summer

I can't believe summer starts next month. Spring never happened here in the Seattle area. It has been one endless winter, during which the sun has refused to shine. I'm pretty sure the sun might actually be gone.

Interweave Knits Summer 2011 issue made me feel a little bit better. I read through it twice after I got my baby down for her nap on Saturday and delved into it a bit deeper on Sunday. What a gorgeous issue, with so many things I want to knit!

In no particular order,the Swirl Skirt. Oh my God, the Swirl Skirt...

I had already been daydreaming about knitting Lanesplitter, a somewhat similar skirt. Now I guess I'll be knitting two skirts this year. I have never knitted a skirt, and don't currently have any skirts that I like. All of my nicest clothing is stuff I've knitted or sewed myself, so I'm thinking I'll make these two skirts for my birthday this year, and then I'll have two skirts that I like!

Aside from that stunning skirt, this issue is loaded with lace. To the Ravelry queue goes the Bistro Lace Stole by Daniela Nii, which is just so cool and innovative. It looks like crochet, but it's knitted! Beautiful and inspiring.

Also by Daniela Nii in this issue is the Pebble and Reed Tunic, another gorgeous, lacey sweater. I love tunics, and this one would be gorgeous with jeans or dressed up.

Aside from many great patterns, this issue has an awesome article on designing your own lace motifs, which just happened to have perfect timing for me. I needed just such an article to help me figure out something for one of my own designs. Accompanying the article is the Baby Elephant Vest pattern, which is just adorable, and which both of my daughters would love.

I'm not even done reading this issue yet. Interweave Knits and Vogue Knitting go beside my bed where I pore over them until I've exhausted every bit of knitterly goodness from them. Then they go in my knitting cabinet, filed away for future reference and for when I get around to knitting the patterns that I like.

I'm still working on my log cabin baby blanket and the headband/earwarmer pattern that I mentioned last post. Both are going swimmingly.

I may be swimming soon, if it doesn't stop @#$%^&*!! raining. The sun just won't come out, so I'm going a bit crazy and painting my own sun. I'll post it here when it's done!

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