Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Colorspike! Crochet Scarf Pattern Available Now!

Now available on Ravelry is my new Colorspike! crochet scarf pattern. It's a long (8 feet, to be exact), dramatic, wrappable scarf, crocheted in lovely, soft Lion Brand LB Collection Cotton Bamboo. The fiber content makes it perfect for wool-allergic people and also makes it great for more than one season!

The bulk of the scarf is crocheted in simple, meditative single crochet, making it perfect for crocheting in front of the TV or for crochet-as-therapy. Each color spikes into the next using simple, fun spike stitch in staggered intervals. This creates a color lifeline from one color to the next and creates a gentle wavy effect that makes the scarf look a lot more complicated than it is. It's simple enough to be a great first crochet pattern, particularly for a knitter who wants to give crochet a try!

I was inspired to create this scarf in the dead of winter, which is one horrible, drab shade of gray here in the Seattle area. This scarf will inject some color into your life!

It's available for purchase for $4:

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