Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Knitting Today! April/May review... big improvements!

The April/May issue of Knitting Today! landed in my mailbox today, and when I saw it, I initially rolled my eyes, thinking "oh good, more inappropriate uses for acrylic yarn." Then I sat down and opened it, and was pleasantly surprised by lots of big improvements.

Someone other than me must have told them not to go so heavy on the acrylic. It has a far smaller presence this issue. They have also added yarns from Rowan! The Coats & Clark and Kertzer yarns represented are more often natural fibers than 100% acrylic, and when they do use 100% acrylic, with the exception of one vest pattern, it's used appropriately, such as for a blanket or a golf club cover. 100% acrylic does have its uses!

The change is so dramatic, I think they must have fired some people and hired some people. One way or another, they got a clue. The first sign that this magazine had improved was seeing the brilliant Annie Modesitt's name on the cover. She has a cute hat pattern in this issue and there is also an interview with her. I, for one, cannot WAIT for her new book, "History on Two Needles." I'm going to grab that one the day it comes out.

Another one of my favorite designers, Wendy Bernard, has a pattern in this issue for a sheep golf club cover.

While with the previous two issues, I was rolling my eyes at terribly backwards style or gagging at a barrage of acrylic yarn being used inappropriately, with this issue, barring the one acrylic vest pattern, I found not one gag-worthy pattern. In fact, there's a little girl's dress and doll dress pattern that I just might make for my daughters.

I hope this issue is a sign of things to come. To help ensure that, I'm going to fill out the survey that they have on the last page. Now, if they'll just make their submissions guidelines friendlier...

What am I knitting? I just bound off and blocked the shawl that I have been working on. It turned out to be beyond my expectations, so I'll be turning it into a pattern soon! Pics once I've woven in the ends.

Now that the shawl is done, I swatched for Heather Lodinsky's Prism Pullover. Once the swatch is done blocking (yes, I block my swatches... I have been bitten by gauge one too many times, and now I'm totally anal about it!) and I'm sure I've got gauge, I'll get it started, hopefully tonight. I can't wait to get it started! It's light and airy enough to be able to wear it now!

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