Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What a long, strange trip it's been

Why does this keep happening to my yarn? Yarn I order online keeps having strange odysseys to unfamiliar lands on its way to my house.

It happened in December, when I ordered some yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts and it was sent to Federal Way, WA, then should have gone to my city, Maple Valley, but instead was incorrectly routed to Kirkland, then to Maple Valley. That was really irritating, because I was dying to get that yarn, and the misrouting added a day to its journey.

I had thought that my 84-cent sock yarn ought to be here by today, but it wasn't, so I looked it up on The journey that this yarn has taken is even weirder than the last time:

Um... WTF? How the hell did it go from Federal Way, WA (from which it should have gone to Maple Valley and gotten to me days ago) to Bell, CA?

California?! Really? How does it end up there when the label says "Maple Valley, WA?"

Wacky, wacky stuff. Anyway, unless it's misrouted a second time, it ought to be here tomorrow. Sheesh.

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