Thursday, February 24, 2011

Midwinter knitting

I'm enjoying the beginnings of a second snow day. My husband was home yesterday thanks to a snow storm, home early the night before because of it, and now today we've really gotten pasted and it looks like he'll be home a third day. I hope, anyway, because he will try to drive in it and this morning he wouldn't take my suggestion of chaining up preemptively, but instead says he'll chain up if he gets stuck.

Sigh. Men. At least he'll be wearing a toasty wool hat that I knitted for him while he digs out.

I was just on stalking the next color of Chroma that I want, "Midwinter." For the longest time, it's been unavailable with a note that it will be available on 2/25. I went to see if it's perhaps available a day early, only to be crushed by the news that Midwinter will now not be available until 3/31, when winter is long over. Poop. It's the only color that's unavailable. Of course, the one that I reallllyyy want. Ah, well.

Speaking of Knit Picks, I have long lamented the loss of Parade, a wonderfully thick (sport weight), super-durable sock yarn. I got some on clearance years ago and fell in love with it, only to go back and find that it was... *sniff*... gone forever. Imagine my joy, then, when I saw that their self-striping sock yarn, Felici, comes in sport weight! And some are on clearance for $2.92 a ball!

I don't think I can resist that. In fact, I know that I am too weak. So I'll get a couple balls and to the back of the queue they'll go. I mean really, who could resist that?

That brings me to the sock yarn at my favorite LYS, Quintessence in Maple Valley. They have a stunning array of sock yarn. Truly drool-worthy. Among the ones that really blew me away when I was there last weekend are Cascade's Heritage 150 Paints, which is a soft, wonderful sock yarn in a great array of handpainted colors that comes in generous 492-yard hanks. It pained me not to buy some. It's on my list for the end of the year!

Another that I really liked was Trekking, which I'd heard of but had not yet seen in person. I have no idea which of the many Trekkings it was that I was so taken with, but they all look awesome.

Cascade and Skacel are both local (Seattle area) companies, and I love supporting both my local yarn shop and local yarn manufacturers! Knit Picks is headquartered in Vancouver, WA, just a few hours south. Washington is a GREAT place to be a knitter for so many reasons!

But back to the yarn... the last sock yarn that made my heart flutter, whose insanely soft texture I can still feel if I close my eyes, was Debbie Macomber Petals Socks. Dude. There is ANGORA in it. Angora on your feet. Can you imagine? I plan to find out when my sock yarn diet ends at the end of the year. The color selection for this yarn did not blow me away, but the texture... Omigod. That alone sold me. And maybe by the end of the year there'll be more colors.

Wow. A blog post finished and my kids are still sleeping. Time for some knitting! This day is off to a great start!

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