Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy accidents

I broke my own rule when I knitted my new slipper socks and didn't swatch. I said, "I'm so familiar with Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted, I know how I knit with it, I don't need to swatch."

My slipper socks turned out comically large. They didn't seem so ridiculously huge when I was knitting them and trying them on. I thought, "Maybe they'll shrink when I block them." Nope. They grew when I blocked them. I didn't get a picture of them right after blocking, possibly out of pure shame and a desire to hide the evidence. I didn't swatch, and I received the consequences.

However, thanks to my predilection for 100% wool, I had a way out. I didn't have to frog them, I'd just felt them!

So, two trips through the "quick wash" cycle on my washer on hot with a few towels, and they're perfect, wonderful, super-cozy mukluks.

I love them! It's definitely a happy accident that I had to felt them to get them down to human foot-size, because felted wool slippers last for years, especially with soles sewn on. I have suede slipper soles sewn on one and hope to get the sole on the other later today. Either way, I can sleep in them tonight and good thing, because it's going to be 29 degrees tonight! There's a lot of cold weather left to enjoy them yet before summer.

I decided to do "me" knitting this weekend and leave the rest of my "work" knitting until Monday (not that any of it is truly "work," since I'm doing what I love), so I brought my Potpourri Mittens out from hibernation. I have 10 rows left before it'll be time to decrease for the top. I love they way mitten #1 is turning out. It hasn't been blocked, obviously, since it's still being knitted, so it's all puckery, but still... I think it's gorgeous and hope to finish it and the other one in time to wear them yet this winter.

So pretty. Speaking of pretty, I'm done knitting the I-cord for the Nicky Epstein "Learning the Ropes" Pendant Knot necklace from Vogue Knitting. I hope to do the knot tomorrow. Looking at the I-cord, I can tell it's going to be gorgeous.

Such a pretty yarn. There's a ton of this hank left over, so I'm thinking of making a headband with it before I make another Pendant Knot necklace or two to give as gifts with the other couple hanks that I have. I am so sad this yarn was discontinued! I really love it and hope to come across more of it. I'm so glad I snagged all three hanks that Quintessence had!

Speaking of Quintessence, I was there yesterday and it took all the strength I had not to buy more sock yarn. They have an amazing assortment of sock yarn! At the end of the year, I'm going to go in there and go nuts on sock yarn. More about the sock yarn that I yearn for next post.

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