Tuesday, January 4, 2011

For flying short distances

I told my husband that I'm making a capelet with my gorgeous bounty of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Icelandic, and he said, "What's a capelet? Is it for flying short distances?"

I love him. And I love, love, love this yarn and this pattern! Here's how it's working up so far:

I've got the ribbing and one pattern repeat done, and now all that's left is to change to size 15 needles and knit the second pattern repeat. Since it's being knitted on size 13 and 15 needles, which are like tree trunks, it's going super fast. I can't remember the last time I knitted with yarn this bulky, but I'm going to find another reason to again soon. Icelandic is nothing short of wonderful. It's super-soft and the colorway is so pretty!

It's a singles yarn and I love nothing more than a nice singles yarn. No plies to split and each stitch really stands out. This yarn is so many of my favorite things put together... soft, singles, hand-dyed, 100% wool. Yum!

Speaking of hand-dyed yarn, I don't understand what the big deal is about "pooling." It's hand-dyed yarn. Why buy hand-dyed yarn if you want it to behave like solid-color or machine-dyed yarn? People seem to be so afraid of letting hand-dyed yarn behave like hand-dyed yarn, of letting it look hand-dyed. There are entire books out about how to avoid pooling when knitting with hand-dyed yarn. Really? It's that big of a deal?

I have never minded pooling. I like letting hand-dyed yarn do what it will. I love seeing which color it's going to change to next, what patterns, if any, it's going to make. If you're hand-making something, why fight letting it look hand-made? What's the point of hand-making something only to have it look like every other mass-produced, boring, devoid of personality thing out there? Why not let it be what it is, hand-made, hand-dyed, and embrace its unique personality and character?

I'm not afraid of pooling at all. In fact, I embrace it. Pooling can be beautiful. Just dive right in and give hand-dyed yarn a chance to be what it is!

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