Thursday, December 30, 2010

Icelandic love

Omigod, it's here! Apparently it had quite a journey. I got the shipping notification Monday and I checked on USPS's website yesterday to see if it was on the truck for delivery. It usually takes 2 days for packages from Blue Moon Fiber Arts to get to me. To my horror, I saw that it had a status of "Missent." It had been sent to the post office in KIRKLAND, WA instead of Maple Valley! Noooooooooo! I was so pissed. Thankfully Kirkland is only 30 miles away, so I figured it would arrive today, and after I stalked the mailbox all morning, it did.

Sigh... Swoon! Blue Moon Fiber Arts Icelandic in the "Quinault Canopy" colorway. It's gorgeous! It's perfect, it's exactly what I wanted, and I can't wait to wind it later and swatch for the Wavy Lace Capelet. I hope to crank it out this weekend, since it's such a chunky knit. I am dying to knit it and dying to wear it.

The yarn inside was thankfully perfect, but the envelope that it came to me in... hoooweee. It looked like it had been kicked down a hill. I had a moment of concern for my beloved yarn when I saw this envelope:

Holy crap, right? It's the color of baby poop but has no smell. My last shipment from Blue Moon Fiber Arts looked like this as well. Gorgeous, perfect yarn inside a jacked up envelope. I wonder... did someone knock a bottle of (unfortunately brown) dye over onto a stack of these envelopes? Are they being plopped on a dye-stained table before they go out? Does our mail lady hate me, and she's kicking my most precious shipments down a hill before delivering them to me?

Ah, well. Either way, the yarn inside both times has been perfect, so who cares if the shipping materials look like hell for whatever mysterious reason?

I'll undoubtedly blog some more this weekend about the Wavy Lace Capelet, that is, if I can stop knitting it long enough to blog.

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