Sunday, November 14, 2010

Knitting Makes Everything Better

I was having a rough afternoon. I was in a vile mood, PMSing hardcore, I was tired and my 3-year-old was in super-obstinate mode. Then I got my babies down for their nap and picked Selbuvotter up from the stack of my books and library books next to my bed and all my cares melted away. I finished the first chapter, totally engrossed and fascinated. The author, a Seattleite, has a palpable passion for the topic and did exhaustive research, making this a very fun read. Since she's local, I hope to check out one of her classes sometime. I love that she self-published this book. That is bad-ass. I've seen it mentioned in a few places, and it seems to have a great reputation, which it deserves. I think it will become a classic.

The author is a fellow former software person like me. On her website,, she mentions starting to write knitting patterns in 2002 after becoming a stay-at-home mom out of a need for the "project-oriented direction" that she was used to. I laughed out loud when I read that. That's half the reason I started designing patterns. I need structure, badly! Mostly it's because the fiber and textile arts are my burning passion and I feel compelled to do it and to make it my "career." But yeah, I really need the structure that a project with a deadline and a clear goal gives.

Since I decided to write and submit a sweater design for publication a few weeks ago, which I am putting in the mail tomorrow, I've really enjoyed taking all the steps of working towards that goal. The planning, the research, the time-budgeting, the execution. This has been good for me. And when mom is happy, everyone is happy.

I'm now knitting a swatch for a second design (also stranded!) for a hat that I plan to submit for publication. I hope to have that design ready to send off by the following Monday. After that, I have a design for a pair of mittens that I plan to send to still another publication.

Aside from self-designed stuff, I am still crocheting away on the Vintage Vertical Stripe blanket, probably about 20 rows in. Aside from finishing the hat design this week, my other goal is to embroider my daughter's pillow cover and cast one on for my other daughter. Hanukkah starts on 12/1 and I plan to have them both finished by then. They are simple, so it'll be no problem!

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