Friday, October 22, 2010

More inspiration

To further my goal of making knitting, fiber arts and art my career, I've decided to go after something that I've been considering for years: Becoming a TKGA-certified Master Knitter. It fits exactly with so many of my other goals and I know I can learn so much from this program that will bring me closer to my goals, so I am now embarking upon the Level One program. This will be so much fun! I love knitting, I love a challenge, and I love following directions anal-retentively (I know, I AM a weirdo, always have been!). That's why I was a software tester for so long!

It is freaking me out how much of my experience and knowledge gained from testing software can be applied to knitting and to my ultimate goal of making my living from knitting, sewing, crocheting, embroidery and other fiber arts. One of those "connecting the dots looking backward" things. Steve Jobs is one insightful, wise dude. (See this speech, if you haven't read my earlier posts and have no idea what I'm talking about).

So what am I knitting currently? I finished my daughter's mittens and have one partially embroidered. I'll finish that this weekend. Now I'm knitting the front of a pillow case for my younger daughter, which I'll embroider, then sew together with the back half (soft, satiny fabric), sew on a zipper and voila, a personalized, totally unique, handmade pillow. I have another pillow case for my older daughter in the works, too.

I love combining multiple fiber arts!

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