Friday, October 8, 2010

Knittters are so Knice!

With the rare exception of a nasty person found in a blog's comments or a message board, I have never met a knitter I didn't like. Knitters are just so nice, such giving people. We want to knit something for every new baby, for charity, for our families. If we're stressed, we knit so we don't kill people. It really helps, God knows what I would have done if I hadn't knitted daily when I still worked full time in corporate hell.

There are so many warm, friendly, inviting blogs, where negativity is simply not seen, like my favorites, Yarn Harlot and Knit and Tonic. Even the Knitting Curmudgeon seems like she's actually very nice. And then there are the books... Elizabeth Zimmerman's and Barbara Walker's warm, charming, conversational tones and hilarious senses of humor convey their brilliant knitting knowledge and ideas in such a way that you feel like you have a new friend when you finish one (or all!) of their books. And I've recently found a new knitting friend, Maggie Righetti. I am only 50 pages or so into Sweater Design in Plain English, and already I want to give her a big hug. Yet another knitting instruction book by yet another author with a warm, conversational tone and a great sense of humor. What is it with us knitters? Are we warm and friendly by our very nature, since we love to make warm, snuggly things out of warm, snuggly fibers? Kindness must just come with the territory, I think.

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