Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Inspiration in my Own Backyard

I had been lamenting the lack of a craft store, fabric store or LYS (local yarn store for the uninitiated) in my hometown of Maple Valley for the longest time, thinking I had to drive to Renton, Kent, Bellevue, Issaquah or other parts to get my fabric, yarn and other stuff. Then I stumbled across Taylor Creek Quilt Studio about 5 minutes from my house and the lady who owns it told me that Quintessence, a mere 3 minutes from my house, sells yarn! My jaw dropped. Yarn! Really!

I went to check it out last weekend, expecting nothing special, maybe some acrylic mainstream brand stuff. Nope. I was totally wrong. I walked into Quintessence, a large, lovely, unique gift shop at Four Corners in Maple Valley, having driven past it for a year never having any idea that they carried yarn, and was blown away. They have an enormous section of their store dedicated to yarn and other knitting and crochet supplies. And not just yarn, most of my favorite yarn!

They have Malabrigo (I sigh a little when I utter the word "Malabrigo!"). Misti Alpaca. Brown Sheep. Cascade! And not just one or two types of each company's yarn, they had everything. Or at least nearly everything. Many different lines of Malabrigo (worsted, lace, Rasta, more!), Brown Sheep (Lamb's Pride, Cotton Fine, Burly Spun, more!), Cascade (220! 220 Superwash! more!) and Misti Alpaca (tons!) are available here.

If they carried Blue Sky Alpacas and Koigu, they'd carry ALL of my favorite yarn. This is amazing. And it's been right here the whole year I've lived here!

And they don't just have nearly all my favorite yarn, they also carry my favorite needles, Brittany and Addi Turbo. They also have a great selection of notions, like stitch markers, cable needles, row counters and more, plus a sizable collection of books.

I was in heaven. I am so excited that Quintessence has this amazing selection of all the stuff I love, and that they're right by my house! I will be going there for everything I need from now on, because I want them to stay around and to keep that wonderful section of knitting stuff!

While there, I grabbed 5 hanks of Tahki Cotton Classic in bright orange and a light orange from their clearance section for 40% off. I saw this yarn and it was instant inspiration. Immediately an image of a tank-dress with embroidered accents for my older daughter popped into my head, so I snapped the yarn right up. It was a total of $18. What a deal.

In other inspiring news, today I got an e-mail from Knit and Crochet Today (or Now, or whatever the heck the show is called) and in it was some news about some cool-looking new sock-knitting books and also a link to a very cool, very inspiring blog called Knitta Please. I immediately laughed at the title (very creative, especially since every possible joke substituting "knit" for "shit" has already been done on other knitting blogs) and clicked the link. There I found yarn graffiti, yarn bombing... enormous, beautiful works large enough to cover buses and Airstream trailers! Crazy and cool. Definitely go there and see what this chick is up to, it's really cool. I'm going to add it to my blogroll over on the right.

And with that, I leave you to make my second afterthought thumb.

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