Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Knitting Takes Balls

And it also takes considerable balls to reject the idea that you have to work for someone else doing something you hate in order to make a living. Part of what gives me the balls I need to do my own thing is this wonderful speech my Steve Jobs. Enjoy.


Whenever I get discouraged or intimidated, I re-read it. I'm re-reading it again now!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Happily, busily making stuff!

I've been too busy making stuff to blog about it! There are lots of exciting things going on. In the past, I have had trouble finding patterns for children's knitwear that I like, that are written for yarns that I like and that I would actually want to knit for my children. This has inspired me to write my own knitting and crochet patterns for children's clothing and accessories. I'll be writing my own sewing patterns, as well! Over the last year, since quitting my full-time job and becoming a stay-at-home mom, I have experienced an explosion of creativity and it finally has a direction. I can combine all my passions at once and design adorable things for my foremost passion, my children.

Soon there will be a lot of exciting changes here, as I get up and running. There will be free patterns available, as well as patterns for sale in my new Etsy shop, which will be announced here soon. Along with patterns, there will be finished hand-knit, hand-embroidered and sewn items for sale, designed and made by me. Most things will be for children, but there will also be some items for grownups and for the home, as well.

It is in the spirit of wonderful, brilliant women who have inspired me like Elizabeth Zimmerman, Barbara Walker, Wendy Bernard and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (aka Yarn Harlot) that I am jumping in with both feet and forging ahead with my own business based on my own designs. Off we go!